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January 2016

How It’s Made? – Nails

By Bill Dickson January 29, 2016 14748 Views

Whether you’re a construction worker, machinist or just some person fixing something at home, you’ve probably used a nail once or twice to get the job done. This week in How It’s Made, the web staff at Tool Parts Direct looks how nails are created and prepped for consumer use.

How It’s Made? – Claw Hammer

By Bill Dickson January 22, 2016 21842 Views

This is a tool that’s been around since biblical times. Whether a tradesman or home builder, almost everyone on the planet has used this tool at some point. Today, it’s the most common tool in anyone’s toolbox. This week on How Its Made, Tool Parts Direct takes a look the beginnings and the manufacturing of claw hammers.

How It’s Made? – Screws

By Bill Dickson January 18, 2016 69157 Views

It’s a tool that has been used since the dawn of time. Whether you’re a carpenter, wood worker, DIYer, machinist or you’re just looking to fix up your house, the screw is one of the most important pieces you need to repair any aspect of a project you’re looking for. The question needs to asked though…where did they come from and how are they made?

How to replace the brushes on a Porter Cable sander

By Bill Dickson January 5, 2016 4202 Views

Hello again! Welcome back to another Do It Yourself article from all the web staff here from ToolPartsDirect.com! Today, we’re going to show you how to replace the brushes on a Porter Cable Sander.