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February 2016

How’s It Made? – Ball Bearings

By Bill Dickson February 29, 2016 12834 Views

Ever since antiquity, humans have used rollers to help move an object from one place to another. In ancient times, people used sticks and logs. That eventually evolved into wheels, although wheels would suffer wear and tear from constant grinding.

The ball bearing design evolved over the 19th century and eventually was refined to fit both bicycles and automobiles. Today, bearings come in all shapes and sizes. This week on How It’s Made?...the web staff here at Tool Parts Direct takes a look at how ball bearings are made.

How It's Made? - Tape Measures

By Bill Dickson February 22, 2016 42835 Views

Before any nail is hammered down, any wood board is cut with a saw or any screws are drilled into any surface, exact measurements are needed to make sure your project is constructed neatly and safely. Today, the tape measure is a staple in every work belt all over the world. This week, the web staff from Tool Parts Direct takes a look at how tape measures are created on How It’s Made?

How's It Made? - Phillips Screwdriver

By Bill Dickson February 12, 2016 41934 Views

It’s hard to go anywhere in the world and not find some sort of screwdriver. Whether it’s a flat head, torx or Phillips…a screwdriver is a necessity in every household. Ever since the screw’s creation, some form of screwdriver has followed right behind to make sure fasteners are tightened straight away. This week on How It’s Made?, Tool Parts Direct takes a look at how screwdrivers are manufactured.

How It's Made? - Wrenches

By Bill Dickson February 5, 2016 61038 Views

It’s one of the most common tools in the world. If you’ve tightened a nut or any sort of bolt, you probably used a variation of this tool. This week on How It’s Made, Tool Parts Direct takes a look at the history and the manufacturing of a basic wrench.