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How To Replace Brushes in an Angle Grinder

How To Replace Brushes in an Angle Grinder
By July 28, 2015 2072 Views

Jul 28, 2015 6:51:46 PM

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Do-It-Yourself article brought to you from all of us here at ToolPartsDirect.com. If you like our articles and find our content informative, please share them with your friends.

You never know when they might need some help when fixing a tool. Today, we’re going to help you learn how to replace brushes in an angle grinder.

Tools You Will Need:

Phillips Head Screwdriver


Needle Nose Pliers

Let’s get started.

Step 1:

Carefully, use your Phillips Head Screwdriver to remove the casing from the grinder. Make sure the grinder is not plugged in and be careful where you put your paddle lock switch.

Step 2:

Alright! Now that the casing is off, use your pick to move the spring to the side.

Step 3:

Now, use your needle nose pliers to pull the brush plug from the grinder.

Step 4:

After you pull the old brush plug out, go ahead and use your needle nose pliers to insert the new brush into the open slot.

Now, plug in the new plug as well.

Step 5:

Now, using the pick, move the spring back on top of the brush.

Step 6:

Replace the paddle lock switch and make sure it works!

Step 7:

Finally, use your screwdriver to screw the cover back onto your grinder.

And there you have it! Hopefully, this article helped you out as well as saving some time and money. Make sure you keep an eye out for future how-to articles from all of us here at ToolPartsDirect.com.

Jul 28, 2015 7:01:28 PM

Posted in: Angle Grinders