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Throwback Thursday - History of Makita

Throwback Thursday - History of Makita
By Bill Dickson August 27, 2015 27614 Views

It’s a company that has continued to serve its customers since its founding in 1915 and went on to become an international powerhouse. From its humble beginnings in Japan, Makita continues to sell quality tools all over the world. This year marks its 100 year anniversary and Makita continues to look to the future to provide workers with excellent power tools to get the job done. This week on Throwback Thursday, we look at the history of Makita from ToolPartsDirect.com.

The Beginning

Photo Courtesy of Makita

1915 was a tumultuous time in world history. The Great War was in full swing and technology was changing. In response to the technological changes, Masaburo Makita founded Makita Denki Seisakusho or the Makita Electric Works Company in Nagoya, Japan. At first, the company repaired lighting equipment, motors and transformers. After the First World War was over and the 1920s flourished, Makita began to manufacture its own electric generators and motors. In 1935, Makita and his company exported electric generators to the Soviet Union.

Photo Courtesy of Portal Narzedzi

After its success selling generators, Makita moved to Takamatsu City which hosted its new machining, assembly line and testing shops in 1937.

The War’s Impact and Post-War Success

When Japan went to war with the United States in 1941, Makita switched to war time production as well. In 1945, the company left its facilities in Takmatsu City and moved to its current day headquarters in Sumiyoshi-cho, Anjo City. This was done to protect the company from US bomber raids.

Photo Courtesy of WW2 Database

After the war, Japan began to recover from the war’s devastation and with the US’s help, became a prosperous country. In the 1950s, Makita began to shift its focus to power tools and in 1958, it started marketing portable electric planers…its first power tool. Later that year, Makita also introduced the portable groove cutter. Now that more money was invested into its research and development team, Makita also created an electric circular saw and electric drill in 1962.

In 1969, Makita turned heads once again when it created the first rechargeable power tool, the 6500D.

Photo Courtesy of Makita

The 6500D was a battery powered portable drill. While it still had a cord, you didn’t have to be hooked to the main lines. This allowed a worker more portability and allowed for more versatility. This revolutionized the job site and turned Makita into a household name.

The Modern Era

In 1970, Makita finally made its way to the United States. In 1978, Makita created its first cordless drill, introducing the 6010D.

Photo Courtesy of Jornal Dovidro

We may take cordless tool for granted now, but in the late 70s and early 80s…it was still a novelty. This allowed even more efficiency for job crews.

Photo Courtesy of Makita

Makita continued its global expansion throughout the 80s and 90s…setting up shop in the US, Taiwan, Spain, Great Britain, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Poland, Argentina, Chile and other nations. In 2005, Makita created the TD130D, the first lithium ion battery power tool.

Makita continues to make headway through the power tool industry and has become a favorite tool manufacturer for many across the globe. While the future is uncertain, you can bet that Makita will continue to be one of the main tool companies…leading at the forefront.

And that’s it for this edition of Throwback Thursday! We’ll see you next week, from all the staff here at ToolPartsDirect.com!

Jul 28, 2015 9:22:09 PM