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DeWALT Model Number

DeWALT Model Number
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  • Uses a typical model number/type number system
  • Model numbers are usually found at the top left of the name plate
  • Type numbers are usually right below the model numbers
  • Type numbers usually go by "Type 1," "Type 2," etc.
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DeWALT Parts

Shop DeWALT Parts online by tool, model, and schematics.

Tool Parts Direct has 94,000 DeWALT parts for a complete inventory of DeWALT power tools, as well as 1,600 tool part schematics. Shop DeWALT parts for drills, saws, nailers, staplers, sanders, and much more.

DeWALT Tools are Guaranteed Tough. It’s their company motto, and DeWALT has put this into practice by producing the highest quality tools for nearly 100 years. As the company’s capabilities expanded, so did their inventory of power tools. Today DeWALT is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools in the world.

Can’t find the DeWalt tool parts you are looking for? Contact us today.

Tool Parts Direct sells DeWalt Tool Replacement Parts. If you would like to buy new DeWalt Power Tools, please visit ToolBarn.com/DeWalt


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