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Flex Parts

Shop Flex Parts online by tool, model, and schematics.

Tool Parts Direct carries over 10,000 Flex parts and 5,000 Flex tool parts schematics for Flex tools, including the Flex drill, grinder, and sander.

Flex Tools invented the original high-speed angle grinder in 1954 after an already impressive history of manufacturing and improving its line of hand-controlled tools. With German engineering built into every tool, Flex power tools continue to showcase the company’s innovation and drive to improve efficiency at every work-site. Flex grinders, drill press, sanders, and polishers are put through rigorous, on-site testing by the Craftsman and professionals that use Flex power tools for every job.

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Tool Parts Direct sells Flex Tool Replacement Parts. If you would like to buy new Flex Power Tools, please visit ToolBarn.com/Flex