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Metabo Model Number

Metabo Model Number
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  • Uses a typical model number/type number system
  • Model numbers and type numbers are usually displayed to the right of the Metabo logo on the tool name plate
  • Type numbers usually begin with a "0" and are usually above the model number
  • Model numbers typically begin with letters or a word, and are usually under the type number
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Metabo Parts

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Tool Parts Direct carries over 10,000 Metabo parts and over 5,000 Metabo replacement parts schematics for Metabo power tools.


Designed by professionals. For professionals. Metabo tools are manufactured by the people who use them, so each Metabo power tool is designed to make your job, no matter what it is, easier. Metabo power tools, like cordless handheld drills and saws, are used worldwide in some of the most extreme environments. Metabo tools are up to the challenge, thanks to innovative technology and ergonomic design. Metabo is the craftsman’s brand.


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Tool Parts Direct sells Metabo Tool Replacement Parts. If you would like to buy new Metabo Power Tools, please visit ToolBarn.com/Metabo


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