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Ridgid Model Number

Ridgid Model Number
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  • Ridgid products do not have type numbers
  • Ridgid model numbers are usually in the top-left corner of the name plate
  • When Ridgid updates a product, they change the model number to reflect the change
  • When searching for Ridgid parts, the model number is the only number needed
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Ridgid Parts

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Ridgid Tools are the power tools professionals use. Ridgid builds its tools to withstand any job and any conditions: extreme heat or cold, dirt and mud, and years of use. Ridgid tools are built for maximum efficiency, and the company strives to help professionals complete work needing as few tools as possible. Ridgid manufactures a range of corded power tools, cordless power tools, bench and stationary tools, and power tool accessories.


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