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Tool Repair Service

If you have a tool in need of repair bring it to us! ToolPartsDirect.com not only sells tool parts, but we also have factory trained and certified repair technicians available. You can either ship your tool to us or bring it to our shop if you live nearby. It’s a perfect solution if you don’t feel comfortable fixing your tools, don’t have the time to fix them or just aren’t sure what is wrong. Our repair technicians are happy to fix it for you.

We try to keep our rates reasonable. Below is a listing of the most common repair rates. Please keep in mind that we will also have to charge you for return shipping. Estimates are available for a $15.00 charge plus return shipping. Estimate fees will be applied towards any repair work done.

Please include the fully assembled tool, as we are unable to accurately diagnose problems on partial tools. If a partial tool is sent in, there may be additional fees involved. Please contact us for details.

Ship tools insured with a description of any problems as well as your contact information, Phone Number, Address and Email to:

Attn: Service Dept.#199
7820 L Street
Omaha, NE 68127

Tool Repair Pricing

Large Pneumatics

  • Large Framing Nailers
  • Large Finish Nailers
  • Large Flooring Nailers
  • All Coil Nailers
  • Roofing Staplers
  • Corrorgated Tools
  • Specialty Nailers, Staplers
  • $35/Hour + Parts*

*O-ring replacement. Bumpers, seals and other hard parts are extra.

Small Pneumatics

  • Small Finish Nailers
  • Small Finish Staplers
  • $30/Hour + Parts*

*O-ring replacement. Bumpers, seals and other hard parts are extra.

Powder Actuated Tools / Cordless Nail Guns

  • $40/Hour + Parts

Electric Tools

  • $25/Hour + Parts

Electric Compressors

  • $35/Hour + Parts

Gas Powered Equipment

  • $65/Hour + Parts

Gas Compressors

  • $65/Hour + Parts

Gas & Electric Pressure Washers

  • $75/Hour + Parts